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"The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.”

my favorit sterek scene ever!

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Stiles underestimates Derek’s hearing ability…and well…he’s just a teenager…

requested by anon :)

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Sterek AU: Natalia Cloud Stilinski-Hale

"You’re wearing my shirt," Derek comments while Stiles’ dad fumbles with the phone.

"Have you seen our closet lately?" Stiles returns, making air quotes for closet with the hand that isn’t wrapped around Derek’s waist. “It looks like it belongs to a teenager. Which we’ll get enough of in a few years, by the way,” he adds with a nod towards their daughter in Derek’s arms. “Besides, I’m 99% sure that green one is mine.”

Derek frowns and looks down at himself, letting out a huff when realizing the shirt is indeed a little too tight, even by his standards. He can’t blame either of them though, because at least they are wearing shirts, which is something neither of them do much around the house these days.

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"Sooner or later, your heart will find its way to happiness."

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make me chooseforthesakeofyourwolvelihood asked: derek’s feelings for stiles or stiles’ feelings for derek

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"Do you regret what happened?"


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What could have been

"Boom! Granny’s to go. I should open a franchise."

She’s smiling and happy and gods above, he’s so in love with her.

"That’s impressive, love. And this is quite delicious.”, he says as he takes a sip of the hot chocolate that she’s just managed to magically transport to him.

“You wanna see something really impressive?”

Before he can respond, there’s a whoosh, and his hook is hanging from the light fixture.

He can’t fight the laugh that escapes him. She really is getting better at this and judging by the smile on her face, she knows it too.

"That’s bad form Swan, tampering with a man’s hook."

"Oh yeah? And what’re you gonna do about it?"

"Well, let’s just say I have uses for that hook that are much more creative, darling.”

She rolls her eyes (the smile never leaving her lips) and his heart sings with joy.

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Come on, i wanna see those numbers


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derek hale fashion meme: topless

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